Mueller green fitted wrist brace

The most convenient wrist brace available on the market. mueller green fitted wrist brace fits even the most slender wrist. Designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Strengthens weak and damaged veins.
mueller wrist brace review

  • Model: Wearing Brace
  • Series: Green
  • Type: Wrist
  • Gender: For Men, For Women
  • Color: black
  • Hand: Left / right
  • Purpose: ligament instability, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatic pain, degenerative diseases
  • Technology: AEGIS Microbial Shield®

Adjustable wrist strap for the environmentally friendly Mueller®Green Series. Perhaps the most comfortable wrist strap in existence. Fits even the thinnest wrists and arms. Lightweight, breathable and very comfortable fabric allows you to wear the brace all day. The retainer material is made without the use of petroleum products, and the inner green lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is used for carpal tunnel syndrome, weakness or damage to the wrist. Two adjustable straps for comfortable fit. Two dense supporting inserts with pads on the palm and back of the palm.

The clips are made separately for the left and right hand.

  • Size S / M - Wrist Circumference (cm): 12-20, Wrist (inch): 5-8
  • Size L / XL - wrist circumference (cm): 20-27, wrist (inch): 8-10

In order to accurately determine the size of the order, you need to measure the stabilizer arm and compare the sizes obtained from the above sizes.

A: Wrist - measure the circumference of the wrist, through the middle, to the same height.
How to wear the mueller green wrist brace instructions

Mueller Sports Medicine is an American company specializing in the manufacture of medical equipment used in sports since 1961 .
The company's products are characterized by advanced technology, attention to detail, performance and functionality. All this makes Mueller equipment recognized worldwide, both in amateur sports and athletes.
The most convenient wrist stabilizer available on the market. She fits even the most slender wrist. Designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Strengthens weak and damaged veins. It has flexible stiffness and tough on the upper, lower special shape for better comfort. Breathable and lightweight fabric provides comfort all day wear. It has an integrated AEGIS Microbe Shield® * antibacterial barrier.
Mueller Green Stabilizers line is environmentally friendly. Mueller Green Series is built at the same high level as our previous products, with the difference that it is made from environmentally friendly materials. Instead of the traditional neoprene Mueller series, Green is made from materials that produce no fuel. In addition, the inner lining is made of materials such as recycling plastic bottles. The package can be used with a backrest and includes Vincas-based soy.
  • ligament instability
  • post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • rheumatic pains, degenerative diseases
* AEGIS Microbe Shield controls bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odors or stains; this technology does not contain environmentally harmful substances. This is one of the most advanced coatings and materials antymikrobiotyczną antibacterial, odorless, colorless, niewypłukującą coat that protects against bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, mold and dust mites. The coating is an integral part of the material, which will not erode or rub all the time remaining on the surface.



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