klorane dry shampoo review

Dry shampoos are the best cosmetic invention of mankind in recent years. I have been using them for a long time, but I could not at all think that someone would succeed in squeezing my inveterate favorites in this segment
klorane dry shampoo review
It turned out that for so long I was in vain ignoring attempts to slip me an assortment of dry shampoos of other brands. :) For example, Klorane until recently remained for me an incomprehensible brand with an incomprehensible concept. But the reviews of other bloggers and acquaintances + my own experience now convinced me that it is worth running to the brand first of all for dry shampoos. Just because they are some of the best on the market at the moment.

From the manufacturer. Cleans hair without water, allows less frequent washing, with oily hair it can alternate with specific shampoos.
How to use dry shampoo ?
Klorane dry shampoo is especially recommended for people who are in a hurry or in bed, who do not have the opportunity to wash their hair. The original composition of the shampoo based on the extract of oats, cyclodextrins and natural polysaccharides, substances with a very high absorbent ability, allows you to gently cleanse your hair, absorbing excess sebium. In a few minutes, your hairstyle will again become light and voluminous.
klorane dry shampoo price

In the Klorane line are presented:

dry shampoo with oat milk for all hair types
A universal plant-based option that contains oat milk extract.
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

klorane dry shampoo with nettle extract for oily hair

For hair and scalp with increased sebum secretion. The natural plant nettle extract has self-regulating properties: it absorbs excess sebum and regulates its production.
klorane dry shampoo with nettle

From the manufacturer. Dry shampoo with nettle extract that regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands also contains cyclodextrins and polysaccharides of natural origin, which have a high absorption capacity. Shampoo absorbs excess sebium and allows people with oily hair less often to use liquid shampoos. A few minutes after application, the hair becomes voluminous and light.
klorane dry shampoo price

klorane tinted dry shampoo with oat milk

klorane dry shampoo with oat milk review An option for brunettes that helps to avoid a dull gray shade. The natural mineral pigment in its composition gives the powder a beige color, less noticeable in the dark basal zone.
klorane dry shampoo with oat milk review
For what purposes do I use dry shampoo most often:
  • on the second day after washing your hair, when you want to make your hair clean and tidy, but there is no way to fully wash them, or just laziness :);
To do this, shake the bottle and then apply a small amount of spray on the basal area from a distance of 30 cm from the surface of the hair. After a few minutes, comb your hair thoroughly.
  • as a light styling tool and add volume to your thin hair.
You can apply the spray to the roots and length, stand for 2 minutes and make the desired hairstyle. In this case, the hair feels more elastic and obedient, all the “fluffiness” leaves, and the styling lasts much longer.

Frankly, there is no serious and incredible difference between these three representatives. Except, of course, the tinted version - many brunettes squeal with delight, but personally, she did not fit my hair in the final color. I have a cold light brown color, and the shampoo “focuses” more on a warm chocolate or chestnut shade, keep in mind.

But I use the two versions “with milk of oats” and “nettle” with great pleasure. If for anyone it is important, then the products have passed hypoallergenic tests, do not contain parabens, sulfates and dyes.
Perhaps, the nettle variant with a green cap was the most popular for me for several reasons.

Firstly, it doesn’t weigh down and does not glue hair at all. Many dry shampoos sin, including some of the Batiste assortment (for example, the original version works this way for me), you have to literally comb out the balances from the roots. In the case of Klorane, on the contrary, it creates the feeling of just washed hair - light, soft and natural. No one in your environment is likely to think that you have a foreign “substance” in your hair, and you can even forget about it.

Secondly, I see that nettle extract really works better on my hair: shampoo really regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, i.e. hair becomes less oily every time. Increasingly, I see that when it comes to washing the hair, the hair does not look so bad.

Thirdly, I like that perfume-free shampoo - sometimes you get tired of the variety of all the aromas that you spray on yourself during the day (hair spray, perfume, sometimes even deodorant), so I want something that doesn’t smell anything.

In principle, if you choose between two standard versions with oat milk and nettle, they are both absolutely good and perform all the declared functions. But if you have very oily scalp, if you wash your hair every day and you need to correct styling during the day, then I recommend the nettle version.
klorane dry shampoo price

best way to use dry shampoo

Shake the bottle well before use, then spray a small amount of shampoo onto the hair from a distance of 30 cm and evenly distribute it. Leave on for 2 minutes, then comb your hair thoroughly.
Composition: a complex of microparticles with high absorbent and volume-adding properties based on natural polysaccharides and cyclodextrins (extracts of oats, rice and corn) -9%

Feedback. For me, these shampoos have become a real find. Immediately make a reservation that dry shampoos do not replace ordinary ones, and they are still inferior to them in cleaning efficiency. If you clean your hair only with dry shampoos, then gradually the fat will accumulate. However, if dry shampoos are used infrequently, they do not harm the hair. In fact, this is such a lifesaver in emergency situations.



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