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Everything relative To Korean makeup Missha Perfect Cover bb cream SPF42 
(my reviews and selection of the best of the best)
missha bb cream review

Missha Perfect Cover bb cream Reviews have been breaking all records for many years and in spite of the constantly emerging innovations, including in the world of Korean cosmetics, the Missha foundation has been a real bestseller for many years.
MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 Natural Beige SPF42 PA+++ 
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I want to compare Missha Perfect Cover bb cream SPF42 swatches in two shades 23 and 27, and also compare this bb cream with other mega-popular Korean bb cream - super BB from SKIN-79 and Petit BB by Holika Holika

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a new skin care concept using BB cream that brightens skin tone, eliminates visible wrinkles, has excellent hiding power and prevents skin aging due to effective whitening and rejuvenating properties.

This is a multi functional BB-cream with a blocking effect of UV rays. Lightening and rejuvenating care product allows you to create makeup with a perfectly even toning.

This MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives your skin a chic, even tone, hides blemishes and has a high hiding power. This is a multifunctional makeup cream with ultraviolet rays blocking, whitening and rejuvenating effect. The cream simplifies the process of applying makeup: its moisturizing smooth texture provides an even tone, at the same time moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

    How to apply BB creams and how to wash it off

    The main feature of all BB creams and Missha Perfect Cover BB cream is not an exception - it is a rather dense consistency tonal tool, you have to get used to it, but in winter and spring I consider this feature rather a merit, since BB cream becomes a real “shield” on the way to bad weather and cold wind.

    The consistency of the cream allows you to apply it not only as a basic foundation, but also to use as a concealer. No, it will not override serious flaws, but when thermonuclear masking is not needed, it is quite suitable as a universal skin-leveling agent.

    But despite the apparent density, the foundation is easily and simply distributed over the skin without the effect of a mask, a slanting effect and visually definable boundaries, since perfectly blends with the skin after application. It can be applied by hand, but I still prefer the beauty blender sponge .
    beauty blender sponge

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    Packaging from Missha Perfect Cover bb 50 ml. very convenient - flexible tuba with dispenser, one or two clicks on which is enough for me to fully apply to the whole face. In general, given the greater cost-effectiveness of the tool and the fact that I periodically change them, any such packaging is enough for me for more than a year.

    The composition of the Korean foundation Missha M Perfect Cover BB I will give below, but the main thing that everyone who decides to use bb-creams is worth remembering is not only Missha, but any other - this is a high-quality and thorough cleansing of the skin in the evenings.

    Correct Makeup Remover - Korean Washing System 424

    To wash off the bb-cream is required to make the more effort than usual. I present the famous 424 system with a small adjustment.
    1. removal of cosmetics using hydrophobic oil (this oil should be applied to dry skin and massage the makeup with circular movements with the addition of water for 4 minutes. When in contact with water, the hydrophobic oil emulsifies and turns into white milk.
    2. washing with a foam for washing  foam can be both regular and Korean, which Korean women do with their own hands from washing with a gel or cream texture, whipping them into a lush foam with a special mesh. It takes about 2 minutes to wash with a foam.
    3. washing with the help of micellar water  is not included in the classical scheme 424, but to enhance the effect, you can add between washing, it will not be worse for sure.
    4. wash with cool water for 4 minutes - while the final washing begins with warm water and ends with cool.
    missha bb cream 27
    In general, the whole washing process takes no less than 10 minutes. Such a thorough washing allows you to wash off even the most resistant makeup, including bb-cream.
    For of oily skin, this evening washing pattern is suitable for every day, for dry skin, 2-3 such thorough washings a week are enough. In general, look at the condition of your skin, you can not go wrong. And remember that the scheme 424 is intended ONLY for those who use Korean concealer. Although I am sometimes with ordinary shades and Chanel CC-cream , it is also quite resistant.

    Composition Missha M Perfect Cover BB

    A distinctive feature of all bb-creams (and Missha is not an exception) is the presence of caring components in their composition.

    Missha M Perfect Cover contains powerful caring ingredients - hydrolyzed collagen, ceramics, squalane, caviar extracts, natural oils and plant extracts (roses, chamomile, beech buds, and macadamia) and arbutus, which has a slight bleaching effect.

    But silicone, mineral oil, talc and sunscreens - Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide can lead to "clogged pores." You need to know about it, you need to remember and be sure to clean the skin thoroughly every evening to minimize the possible negative effect.

    MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB
    All shades of Missha Perfect Cover

    Gone are the days when bb-cream was produced in one or two shades
    Missha foundation is now available in 6 shades.
    • 13 Milky Beige - the lightest, milky-beige concealer for owners of truly snow-white skin, a kind of "Snow Maiden";
    • 21 Light Beige - light beige, suitable for light complexion;
    • 23 Natural Beige - a natural beige, universal shade that suits the largest audience of fair-skinned women;
    • 27 Honey Beige - honey-sand shade of foundation, for dark eyes;
    • 31 Golden Beige - golden beige tone for very dark and tanned skin.

    Comparison of shades 23 and 27 bb-cream Missha (Swatch)

    I have “live” only two of the six shades of Missha M Perfect Cover, but the most popular, I can show you the photos of their sweepstakes in my blog:
    missha bb cream 27
    • Hue 23 is a classic Korean Bibik grayish beige with a pinkish undertone.
    • Hue 27 is already a tribute to the European popularity of Korean bb-cream, with our fashion for tan and mostly yellowish skin tone.
    As in my case, 23 suits me better in the cold season, in the pale face period, 27 shades - for the summer.

    Missha foundation and Korean bb creams reviews

    If conventional tonal creams cause or emphasize flaking , if it is difficult to find the right shade , if you are “snow white” and regular tonal colors you “yellow”, if you like a natural “wet finish” , if your skin needs extra protection from frost and cold wind , if You need a high-quality sunscreen cosmetics for the face with a high filter for every day - bb-creams most likely you will like. And Missha is one of the first people to pay attention to in the world of Korean cosmetics.

    Separately, it should be noted that bb-creams are more pleasing to owners of mature skin , let's say, 40+.
    Well, add my feedback on this tone:

    My initial data is skin mixed with a bias in fat, with enlarged pores, pigmentation and tede and tepe, so the indications for leveling the tone of the face are obvious.

    For clarity - Missha Perfect Cover bb-cream on my face without concealer, powder, photoshop and processing.

    Pros - the coating is natural, “alive” and surprisingly not heavy. The tone falls smoothly without blemishes, “adjusting to the shade of my skin. It's all as promised. Keeps the tone on the face all day, not going anywhere even in the heat and not oxidized.

    Disadvantages - although the basic skin tone of the face evened out, it does not interrupt the skin's imperfections, in any case, the camera “sees” them - and pores, and pigmentation, and even some reddening can also be seen. Well, my oily skin after bb-cream almost always needs dusting. Photoshop HD powder or prism powder from  Givenchy Prisme Libre Travel in my case is an obligatory final touch.

    My rating is 4 
    27 Honey Beige
    Korean bb-cream which is better: Missha Perfect Cover bb-cream, Super BB from SKIN-79 and Petit BB from Holika Holika
    And now the big Korean battle with comparative sweeps for 3 Korean bb-creams. Each of them is well known and has a considerable number of fans. It can be said - this is the real top leaders of this segment.

    The following tones from Korea are compared:
    • Missha Perfect Cover bb cream 23 shade
    • Super BB from SKIN-79
    • Petit BB by Holika Holika
    Missha Perfect Cover bb cream 23 shade
    Swatch on the photo in the same order 1) Missha Perfect Cover bb cream in 23 shades, 2) Super BB from SKIN-79 and 3) Petit BB from Holika Holika

    In the first photo, the application is more dense, so that the difference between the shades is better seen. As you can see, Missha turned out to be slightly darker than the other two subjects.
    In the second photo slightly shaded the tone to better understand the texture of bb-creams:
    My final comparative reviews
    1. Missha Perfect Cover bb cream in 23 shades, I have already described the advantages and disadvantages of this foundation, so I’ll see the other two worse-better from his point of view.
    2. Super BB from SKIN-79 texture is a bit lighter in my opinion, but the coating will be almost identical
    3. Petit BB by Holika Holika is perfect in my bright face of the year, the question is more about the difference in shades, well, a bit lighter, yes.
    In general, as a matter of fact, besides the shade, I don’t see almost any difference between classic Korean bb-creams. The pros and cons are identical. If you also tried them, write in the comments, which tool do you like more, or do not like it?



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