how to use Beauty blender and clean it

Beauty blender how to use and where to buy the original sponge
What is a beauty blender, how to use it for applying make-up and how it differs from ordinary sponge, well, of course, where to buy the original beauty blender is more profitable, yes, not to run into a fake product, which is now a lot on the market.
beauty blender sponge

    What is Beauty lender and why it is needed

    A beauty blender is a cosmetic sponge designed for applying and correcting makeup. it's  famous for its ability to make super normal  look even with the most complex tonal creams and to create the most even and natural covering on the face with any make-up products, any textures and formats - from concealer to rouge and even shadows.
    The beauty blender was created and patented in 2003, and in 2007 the sponge was awarded the prestigious Allure Best of Beauty award in the beauty industry, the triumph of this professional makeup tool happened 10 years ago, when without exception make-up artists and beauty bloggers in one voice, began to praise and idolize this, in principle, a secondary tool for creating makeup. After that, this sponge went to the people and became a must-have for anyone who makes up at least sometimes.
    Can I do without a beauty blender? Yes! But after you try it once, you don’t feel like it.

     Some girls consider any egg-shaped sponges as beauty bleeders. But this is not a special product or commodity, but only the name of the brand. The original beauty blender is such a one, was invented by the famous TV make-up artist from America Rea Ann Silva, and the very first, most old school is this very pink testicle, a win-win for all cases of makeup, as in today's review.

    Now the manufacturer produces many different formats of the famous testicle - from microscopic green mini mini-beaublers Micro for the wings of the nose and eye zone, professional black beauty blender Pro, designed for increased makeup loads.

    The color changes, the material does not change and the recognizable egg-like form, which has become a canon and standard in the make up industry.

    How to use a beauty blender for face makeup 

    1) The beauty blender is sold in a plastic transparent packaging tube. from which to start it must be removed 8)
    beauty blender for face
    2) This is how a dry beauty blender looks completely new, but not yet ready for use -
     dry beauty blender
    3) To use the sponge for its intended purpose, it needs to be well soaked under a stream of warm water and then gently squeeze as if it is a very gentle expander. You can do this by wrapping it with a towel. So you will save it from nail damage, especially if you have them very long and sharp.

    Rule number 1 . Be sure to squeeze your beauty smile. First of all, you don’t fill up with water when you use it, and secondly, an excessively wet beauty blender is a bad helper in distributing make-up products on your face. And if so, why would he even be needed? The better the beauty blender is pressed, the tighter and more uniform the application of foundation will be.
    The original beauty blender, ready to use, grows in size and becomes softer. What is a wet beauty blender? Look at the photo, so you can compare the scale of a wet sponge with a dry one from the previous photo.
    wet beauty blender
    3) the products that I tried to apply with the help of a beauty blender: and a rather liquid foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua , more dense in consistency - a concealer under the eyes of Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue and Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono very dense and creamy shades .
    Rule No. 2. The cosmetic should be applied to the skin with a brush or hands and use a beauty blender ONLY as a means of distributing the cosmetic on the skin . Otherwise, you can use foundation entirely the entire bottle for 1 makeup. Expensive pleasure!
    how to use beauty blender
     4) The sides of the sponge-egg are used for the distribution of the tonal means, the shading of the sculptor, blush, highlighter. The sharp tip is used to apply tone and concealer under the eyes, around the nose to the relief and hard-to-reach places of our face.
    The tip is used for applying shadows, or for their own correction on the eyelids.
    We use the round side of the testicle for applying tone and blush on the "open spaces" of our face - cheeks and forehead.
    Rule number 3. To distribute a cosmetic with a beauty blender should be light  movements. If you do it with sliding movements, like a brush, then the sponge will cause and immediately erase the layer of foundation that has just been applied and absorb it even more than usual. Accordingly, the makeup takes more time, and the foundation is spent much faster.
    Absorbing sponge that water that foundation just fine. Sponge is the same, albeit innovative.

    makeup sponge egg
    5) But how much remains in the tonal tool in the sponge after the application and such approaches will have to be done several. (The high consumption of foundation is the saddest part for me of using this accessory). I am very economical, yes 8)

    But Dior’s creamy shadows were practically not absorbed into this sponge and this did not affect the increased consumption of shadows by the beauty blender at all.

    in general, and in any other, where I do makeup with cream textures now can not do without this thing.

    How to clean a beauty blender

    I use special shampoo for washing the beauty blender,it was recommended from many makeup artists Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap

    For washing all my brushes I use Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap. It is inexpensive and well washes the brush.

    The washing itself takes place under running water, apply your cleanser (branded or just like my usual shampoo) and begin to squeeze and un clench it in your hand . Only this should be done carefully, especially if you have very long nails. A pink testicle is a fragile thing that cannot be repaired .. It takes quite a long time not less 5 minutes . This is usually a couple of approaches with shampoo and then another washing out of this shampoo from the bowels of the beauty blender.

    After the bath procedure, a beauty blender should be squeezed through a towel and put it to dry in it's own box. It dries completely in 2-3 days, if you squeeze it out very well the day before, it is almost dry in a day. It is not necessary to dry it on the battery and the hair dryer.

    After drying, the beauty blender is reduced in size and takes on its original appearance.
    how to clean a beauty blender

    I keep my beauty blender in the same package in which I bought it.

    I know that for the transportation of beauty blenders they sell special handbags and plastic tubes, which stand almost like him, but they are also very voluminous and take up a lot of space. In general, I don’t think that I’ll take a beauty blender with me on a trip, it’s too dreary and not too compact.

    My reviews and impressions from the use of a beauty blender

    As with other beauty products, a certain skill and experience are required to experience the beauty of working with a beauty brand.

    Admittedly, the beauty glamour really reduces the number of untidy spots from an unevenly distributed foundation to a minimum. But my brush with shiseydo copes with this question just as well. Again, we remember that the issue of convenience, individual, otherwise there would not be such a rich choice in the market.

    A beauty blender is pleasant to use, but for me it is still not a means of first priority and not an absolute delight. I will write what pros and cons I saw in him in a few months of "domestication."

    Advantages of Beauty blender
    • + it is beautiful and pleasant to the touch, besides, it is no longer just a fashionable beauty-gizmo, but a recognized favorite of all professional make-up artists.
    • + he knows how to create a smooth tone of the most natural coating on his face without clear boundaries and spots of foundation (because of what, of my own, I bought it).
    • + I use it for makeup correction - extra blush, it removes the shadows very delicately and does not spoil the makeup.
    • + In my opinion, it is more convenient for applying NON-liquid cosmetics: compact cream powder, cream shadows, compact cream blush. If you like such tools, then you will surely make friends with the beauty lender especially tightly.
    Disadvantages of Beauty blender
    • - The beauty blender is quite expensive and at the same time its service life is several times less than that of high-quality brushes. I read somewhere that his term of service is six months. Expensive pleasure. (But in fact, he lives with me much longer).
    • - Beauty blender increases the consumption of liquid foundation, because no matter how hard you try, a part of it is absorbed into the beauty blender.
    • - Beauty blender is quite fragile, therefore, requires careful attitude. Again, on other people's reviews, I read that someone had a sharp tip falling off almost after the first wash. And this is sad, because the "toy" is not worth 5 rubles.
    • - Beauty blender too demanding to care - it must be washed and dried after each use. Brushes, in this case, still less capricious. In general, it is for accurate workers who do not live in perpetual time pressure and can allow themselves half a hour to spend in applying makeup and another half an hour to wash the beauty blender. Well, not half an hour, but it definitely takes about 5 minutes.
    • - even after some time, the relatively attractive handling of the beauty lender still takes a rather untidy look. Do not believe, watch the video of Lena Krygina or other makeup artists. Ideally pink this testicle is only when it is very, very new.
    • - there are difficulties in storing the beauty blender, because the beauty blender takes a lot of space with its box. Now the manufacturer at least made it smaller.
    • If you are often on the road, then the makeup manager takes an unreasonably large amount of space in the cosmetic bag. Or for transportation you need to purchase a special plastic bag.
    I hope my advice will be useful to you if you have a beauty blender or are just planning to buy this cosmetic must have and are looking for information about it.

    Despite all the disadvantages I have listed, he is really worthy of attention and has the right to live in any cosmetic bag.

    Beauty blender alternatives

    Is it possible to replace the beauty blander, a comparison with other sponges
    Some “space nano-technologies” were used in the production of the beauty blender, but I still think that this is just marketing. Yes, it is pleasant and, indeed, better and more convenient to use than sponges for 20 rubles. But this does not mean that analogs will be much worse. A small amendment - comparable in quality counterparts.

    But the beauty blender is famous not only for its unique texture, but also considers its very form to be perfect, so most modern makeup artists and beauty bloggers strongly recommend everyone to get this thing to create the perfect makeup on their face.

    With so many recommendations, it is not surprising that a beauty blender has such a super popularity. And even more so, it is not surprising that other manufacturers make copies and similarities.

    So far, according to all reviews and reviews from bloggers, Real Techniques’s sponge is considered to be the most budget-friendly analogue of a beauty blender, which is much cheaper, but not too inferior in quality.



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