Cracked skin on fingers

Dry and rough skin of the hands, the cracks in the fingers are able to give out not only the age and type of activity, but also the state of human health. Let's deal with this problem and try to figure out the reason and how to deal with it.
Cracked skin on fingers
Our hands are always visible, they are considered not only an indicator of a person’s age, but they are also able to tell about social status, culture, certain habits and state of health. Unfortunately, not always the skin of the hands can be kept in perfect shape. The impact of external and internal factors, the neglect of their health, undoubtedly affects the condition of the skin of the hands.
A common problem faced by many people are cracks in the fingers, which do not look aesthetically pleasing, delivering pain and discomfort. In the event of cracks in the fingers, first of all, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes that provoke their manifestation.

Causes of skin cracks in the fingers
There are a large number of factors of external and internal environment that can adversely affect the skin of the hands, causing dry skin, cracks, peeling. One of the main causes of cracks in the fingers is dry skin, which can cause the following factors:
  1. Frequent and prolonged contact with water;
  2. The use of household chemicals without gloves;
  3. Sharp change of temperature conditions;
  4. Hand contact with various chemicals, acids, detergents;
  5. Weather conditions: cold, wind, direct sunshine;
  6. Lack of hand skin care;
  7. The use of low-quality cosmetics for the care of hands
In addition to the influence of external factors, the cause of the appearance of cracks can become internal factors that manifest themselves as a result of any abnormalities in the human body.
  1. Deficiency of vitamins, minerals;
  2. Violations of metabolic processes;
  3. Fungal skin lesions;
  4. Eczema, dermatosis of different etiology;
  5. Hormonal disorders;
  6. Infectious or non-infectious skin lesions.
hands vitamins

Hand skin may deteriorate due to various factors.

If the cause of cracks on the fingers are internal diseases, then you can not do without the help of a dermatologist. In addition, in such cases not only the fingers, but also the palms or the outer side of the skin of the hands may be damaged. In addition, the cause of the cracks may be the biological process of skin aging, which begins with 25 years. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay proper attention to the skin of the hands and prevent the development of cracks and other disorders that are not so easy to get rid of.

Treatment for cracked skin on hands
There are a huge number of methods and means to care for the skin of the hands, but this problem can be eliminated only after determining the cause. If the skin on the hands and fingers cracks from the influence of external factors, then it is necessary to limit the contact with the stimulus and to conduct appropriate treatment. In the case when the cracks on the fingers are deep and manifest as a result of external violations, one cannot do without the help of a doctor and a comprehensive solution to the problem.

It is possible to treat cracks on the fingers with the help of medical preparations, which are available in the form of ointments or creams for external use, as well as vitamin therapy, which will help provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is recommended to apply compresses, baths, wrapping fingers with the use of traditional medicine. Important in the treatment is considered to return the necessary moisture to the skin and protect it from further drying.

Pharmacy drugs
The following drugs can be used from medicines for treating cracks in the fingers: Bepanten, Pantoderm, Applant and others that are available in the form of creams or ointments and have a regenerating, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. These drugs have a minimum number of contraindications and are well tolerated by the human body. If the cracks are caused by a fungal or other infection, then the doctor prescribes other drugs for external use and ingestion.

Folk treatment (natural remedies)
Protecting the skin of the fingers from cracking is possible with the help of herbal decoctions, from which baths or decoctions are prepared. After applying herbal remedies, it is recommended to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream that does not contain chemical compounds, dyes and other harmful substances.

The following recipes have a good effect:
  1. For the preparation you will need 2 tablespoons of natural honey, mixed with 5 grams of glycerin. Stir well and apply to skin for 25 to 30 minutes.
  2. In equal portions you need to take chamomile grass, plantain, calendula and succession. Pour 2 cups of boiling water and leave for 1 hour. In the finished decoction, you can add 50 grams. butter and 1 spoon of honey. You should get a thick mixture that needs to be crushed with a blender to a homogeneous slurry. The resulting ointment is applied to the skin for 30 minutes, then rinsed with running water, followed by lubricating the hands with nourishing cream.home remedies for dry hands

  • For the preparation of therapeutic baths, you can use such herbs: chamomile, calendula, plantain, oak bark and others that have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antiseptic properties. To prepare the baths, you can use one or more herbs, which are poured with boiling water and insist 15 - 30 minutes. In the finished broth hands can hold up to 30 minutes.

  • prevent cracked skin on fingers around nails
    1. No less important is prevention, which consists of several elementary rules:
    2. When in contact with a chemical we like to use gloves;
    3. Avoid direct and prolonged contact with temperature conditions;
    4. Use nourishing and moisturizing creams;
    5. To eat well;
    6. Treat internal disorders and diseases
    Daily, proper and careful care is a guarantee of beauty and youthful skin of the hands. Careful attitude to your health will allow you to maintain not only the youth of the skin, but also health in general.



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