what to do when heat stroke

what to do when heat stroke
the heat in recent years is breaking records , showed that no one is immune from heatstroke. let's figured out how to protect yourself from this and how to give first aid when needed
what to do for heat stroke
Heat stroke is a painful, very unpleasant condition of a person, which occurs due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures . This may be work in synthetic or leather clothing in the sun; long walks in the heat; being in a stuffy, unventilated transport or room. Heat stroke occurs due to the loss of body fluids and salts, because of which the heat exchange is disturbed. In simple terms, hyperthermia (heat stroke) is a strong overheating of the body.

Very often, people confuse the first signs of heat stroke with overwork , because at first a person feels weak, thirsty, stifling and lacks air. After a while, the skin begins to redden, blood pressure drops, pulse quickens, the person does not go to the toilet for a long time, and the body temperature rises to 39-40 degrees. If time does not provide first aid, the person’s condition may worsen: convulsions, nausea, vomiting, severe headache, delusions and hallucinations, and even loss of consciousness will appear. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the first signs of overheating and provide first aid before the arrival of the doctors.

If a person has become ill in a room or transport, then he should be taken outside into the shade , where there is at least some air circulation. If a person is not able to move himself, then you need to open the windows, direct the fan.

Immediately it is necessary to call the ambulance team , only a specialist can determine the cause of poor health.

The victim should be given a drink to restore the water balance. And the more he drinks, the better. But it must be clean cool water. Not coffee, not soda or even mineral water. Only pure plain water.

If a person loses consciousness, then he can be given a smell of ammonia . If this is not possible, then just pinch the earlobes.

If a person is dressed in warm clothes, then it should be removed : jackets, jackets, socks. Or at least unbutton the top buttons, roll up the sleeves to restore heat transfer. After that, you need to wet a handkerchief or towel with water and put it on your head, face. Attach ice or a bottle of cold water to the back of the head. You can wipe with wet hands or wet wipes the place of the inner folds of the elbows, under the knees, neck, behind the ears.

The victim is best put on the ground or on the floor . Under his head, put his clothes. The head should be slightly raised. It is also better to lift the legs, putting a roller of towels or clothes under them.

When doctors arrive, they need to be told what first aid was provided. And there is no need to refuse hospitalization , as the condition may worsen or cause serious problems associated with respiratory arrest or failure of the heart.

Heat stroke may occur due to alcohol, coffee, or certain medications taken in the heat . If you continue to get involved in strong drinks or take pills in the heat, you should definitely drink as much water as possible. Due to lack of fluid in the body, the blood begins to thicken, and the general condition worsens.



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