5 Make up Tips that make you look younger

Professional stylists suggest what should be emphasized in their appearance, and what should not be highlighted Those makeup tips to make you look younger
makeup tips to make you look younger
What make up will make a face look younger ?
Lightly clarify the arches under the brows. This will raise them and make the look more expressive. This technique is used by all celebrities before going on the red carpet.

Make your lower lip plumper. The effect of cute baby lips instantly allows you to get rid of several years. While an increase in the upper lip, which modern girls are so fond of, on the contrary, will add extra years.

Small earlobe. This part should be given more attention. Indeed, over time, it stretches under the weight of the earrings and visually makes its owner older. Today, there are many ways of correction - with the help of a laser or injection. But sometimes it is enough not to wear earrings. To prevent this problem, apply a moisturizer on your earlobes before bedtime.
makeup tips to make you look younger
Do not treat the inside of the brow . Slightly “fluffy eyebrows” make the face more lively and fresh, so that it looks younger. But do not overdo it and abandon the periodic correction in order to maintain tidiness.

Uneven length short haircut. So that the square does not make you “lady in years”, you should not cut it perfectly evenly. It emphasizes any wrinkles and irregularities. Slightly ragged edge haircuts will make the face more fresh at any age.



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