how to look younger than your age

how to look younger than your age
Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul but also an indicator of age. Moreover, if they look young and beautiful, then you will seem much younger and more attractive. So how to look younger, says plastic, maxillofacial and laser surgeon Amjad Al-Youssef
how to look younger than your age
The dream of every woman is to look younger by 10 years. And this is quite feasible. And for this purpose it is enough to concentrate to start on one part of the face - eyes. And the results will delight you. By the way, there are various methods of how to make the eyes more youthful - from very simple to radical ones. You need to choose according to your age, skin condition, general level of health and financial capabilities.

The first way is to get enough sleep
At first glance, the advice is simple, however, it is one of the most effective. Scientists have proven long ago, 7-8 hours in the embrace of Morpheus, and you will look much look 10 years younger than your peers who do not sleep much.

Not receiving proper rest, the skin cannot fully recover, which is manifested in early wrinkles, loss of elasticity, bruises under the eyes. Moreover, it is important not only the amount of sleep but also its time. In bed, you need to be from 23 h to 4 am, when the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the recovery processes, reaches the highest concentration. It is necessary to sleep in complete darkness or, if there is no such possibility, with a mask on the face. It is also very useful to humidify the air. For this, in the warmer months, you can open the window, and in the cold - use a humidifier.
how to look 10 years younger
In addition, pay attention to the selection of mattresses, pillows and posture for sleeping. For example, it is quite dangerous to use too high a pillow. When the head is strongly raised, oxygen and nutrients start to flow to it badly. This may also cause bags under the eyes.

Method two - masks for the skin around the eyes
On the skin around the eyes, there are no sebaceous glands, and the amount of collagen and elastin is reduced. Therefore, it is usually distinguished by dryness, sensitivity, a tendency to allergic reactions. And yet, the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the skin and contains 3-5 rows of epidermal cells compared to 7-10 rows of cells in other areas of the face. That is why the skin around the eyes must be especially careful to ensure that wrinkles do not appear prematurely there. Use special creams, regularly make masks (like a cosmetologist, and at home).

Method three - special exercises for the face and eyes
There are special exercises aimed at “opening”, enlarging the eyes, reducing the swelling of the eyelids and the bags above and below the eyes. You can do them at home. The main thing - the regularity and accuracy of performance. Most of us have neuromuscular clamps. With the help of exercises, we can remove them, stretch the muscles and return them to the original length. Due to this, not only the area around the eyes and the face will be smoothed out, but headaches will also go away, the state of the spine will improve, and the posture will be normalized. This method is based on osteopathic principles. Also, this method will allow lengthening the neck, to form a young angle of the jaw, to recreate the shape of the chin.

Method Four - Beauty Injections
Remove small wrinkles around the eyes, improve the appearance of the eyelids - with this task, girls often turn to cosmetologists. And rightly so. Now in their arsenal a lot of effective tools. The most commonly used injections are Botox and guiluaronic acid. Also actively used fillers and mesotherapy. The result is usually very good, but it does not last too long, usually around six months.

Method Five - complete examination and resolution of health problems
Bags around the eyes and wrinkles in this area are not always just an aesthetic problem. Sometimes it is an indicator of violations in the body. That is why, before using any radical measures in the struggle for beauty, it is necessary to cure serious diseases.

Be sure to check the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys. In addition, all women over 40 need to be examined by an endocrinologist and a gynecologist, to check hormones and, if necessary, to receive appropriate therapy.

Method Six - Blepharoplasty
This is an operation that is performed to get rid of sagging eyelids and bags under the eyes. It is these defects that make the face tired and add age.

The main indications are sagging upper eyelid, deep wrinkles in the lower eyelid, excess skin in the lower eyelids, the formation of a large number of wrinkles in the lower eyelid, eye bags, drooping of the eye corners, eyelid defects, deterioration of vision due to a strong sagging of the eyelids.
Blepharoplasty review
The operation does not last long - from 30 to 90 minutes. General anesthesia is usually not required. Local anesthesia is most often used in combination with sedatives. The operation can be performed traditionally with a scalpel or with a laser, which is less traumatic.

Rehabilitation after blepharoplasty lasts about 10-12 days. At this time, it is recommended to eliminate physical exertion, the use of decorative cosmetics and the wearing of contact lenses, and it is better to go outside in sunglasses.

In general, this is a simple and inexpensive operation that can significantly improve your appearance.

Nutrition to look younger

1. Add Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which allows it to maintain freshness and elasticity. It has a beneficial effect on the whole body, so try to include as many foods rich in this vitamin in your menu as possible. Depending on the season, it can be: oranges, peppers, grapefruit, tomatoes, strawberries, preparations of rose hips and sea buckthorn.

2. Increase protein intake

Protein is an important element of the body’s life. It plays a key role in cell repair and collagen production. This means that protein rich foods should always be present on your table.
Choose foods that are low in fat, such as fish, beef, pork tenderloin, and chicken breast. An excellent source of protein is low-fat dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans and mushrooms.

3. Replace mayonnaise with vegetable oil

Industrial mayonnaise is a hard-to-digest mixture of modified fat, emulsifier, preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers. In addition to overwhelming calories, it contributes to the emergence of a whole bunch of diseases associated with metabolic disorders.
Sprinkle the cooked vegetable salad with vinegar and season it with olive or sunflower oil. It will be not only tasty, but also healthy. A salad rich in vitamins and antioxidants will keep your skin youthful and radiant.

4. Bring back your weight.

Excess weight is visually aging. This is an axiom that you can check on others. If your work schedule does not allow you to go to the gym or do aerobics, try changing your habits and daily routine.
The universal recipe is to eat less, move more. Refuse fatty foods, minimize the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, try a diet. A lot of options, there would be a desire.
Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs, part of the distance to work (from work) walk, accustom yourself to nightly walks - all this will help burn extra calories.
If you need to “rejuvenate” urgently, literally the next day, try to get rid of excess fluid in the body. It is safest to use diuretic herbs for this.
Buy in a pharmacy a tincture of horsetail or dandelion root. A glass of warm water will need 10-12 drops. Take three times a day, on the eve of an important date. Just do not overdo it with the dosage and do not abuse this method.

5. Energize yourself with plant energy

An elderly, but full of energy man, with a vigorous gait and gleam in his eyes, always looks younger than his age. There are a number of natural sources that energize you and give you a boost of energy for the whole day.
Eleutherococcus Extract
Take before dinner several times, 15-20 drops of the extract in a glass of water. This will provide you with a steady burst of energy.
Mate tea
The leaves of this South American plant are rich in substances that have anti-stress and tonic properties. Mate tea improves memory and relieves overexcitation. He invigorates better than coffee.
Add a teaspoon of mate leaves to a glass of boiling water. After 5 minutes, add milk, honey, cinnamon or ginger to taste. The drink will quickly cheer you up and add strength.
Dry red wine
It is rich in antioxidants that improve blood circulation and have beneficial effects on blood vessels. American nutritionists believe that daily intake of half a glass of red wine helps rejuvenate the body.

6. Limit sweets

Glucose molecules produced by the breakdown of sugar react with cell proteins, which leads to a number of sad consequences for your body. One of them is a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, its flabbiness and dryness.
Over the years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the body to cope with such an impact. You must help him by limiting the consumption of sweets to a minimum.

Personal care

7. Do not abuse powder

Powder is an excellent cosmetic product, but not when you want to look younger. Getting into fine wrinkles, the powder accumulates in them and visually makes it deeper. If you think that it is impossible to do without it, opt for friable powder of light texture. Apply it very delicately, only in areas where there are no wrinkles.

8. Use a bronzer

The spots and freckles that appear on the skin with age are easy to hide with a bronzer. It will not only mask unwanted color changes, but also give the skin a beautiful shine.

9. Special attention to the skin of the hands.

Careful face care will not help you hide your age if you are inattentive to the skin of your hands. Over the years, the skin on the hands becomes more dehydrated, pigmented spots appear on it.
Never forget to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, regularly lubricate your hands with a moisturizer. Do not skimp on hand cream. As a rule, it costs much cheaper face cream. Lubricate your hands not only at night, but also 2-3 times during the day. Do not be limited to brushes, care is required along the entire length of the hands.
If the muscles in the arms become flabby, pump them up with dumbbells weighing 2-4 kilograms. Performing simple hand exercises daily will make your muscles supple and your skin smooth and supple.

10. Watch your neck

The delicate skin of the neck quickly fades, begin to care for it as soon as possible.
All cosmetics that you use for the face, apply to the neck. It is advisable to purchase a special moisturizer for the skin of the neck.
Find a comfortable pillow for sleeping. A prerequisite - it should not be too high and large. On such a pillow, the shoulders do not fit, and the neck does not bend the chin to the chest.

11. Learn the secrets of age makeup

It is important to take care of the skin every day. The more healthy she is, the more young she looks, which means you look younger too.
Some colors used in makeup can emphasize age-related skin changes. Make sure that your blush, lipstick, eye shadow matches skin features and complexion. In any case, switch to more natural tones and discard bright colors.
Choose a lipstick with shades as close as possible to the natural color of the lips. If after applying the lipstick, the wrinkles around the lips become more noticeable, discard it in favor of gloss.
Your lips should always remain smooth and supple. To do this, use a moisturizing and nourishing cream, a special lip scrub.
Pay particular attention to the color and shape of the eyebrows. Definitely discard too narrow or very wide. In search of your image, the advice of an experienced cosmetologist will not hurt you.

12. Moisturize your skin

With age, it is increasingly difficult for the skin to retain moisture. You should provide her with all possible assistance:
- Use moisturizers daily;
- prepare a moisturizing spray and spray it on your face 2-3 times a day. To do this, pour a glass of water (preferably mineral) into the spray bottle and add 3 drops of lavender oil, geranium, rose or pharmacy chamomile. Store the spray in a dry and cool place;
- use cocoa butter. It perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. To give the skin an additional tone, add a few drops of grapefruit or lime oil to it;
- drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day. It should be pure water, excluding juices, tea, coffee, mineral water and other liquids and drinks.

13. Be careful with ultraviolet light.

A tan is aging even visually, and in addition, ultraviolet radiation dries the skin, which is already difficult to retain moisture. Even a 30-minute stay in the open sun is enough to start the collagen breakdown process.
Accustom yourself to use sunscreen, wear safety glasses to protect the retina, and refuse to go to the solarium. Avoid the “active sun” phase (from 11 to 17 hours), it is better to reduce your stay on the street in hot weather to 20-40 minutes a day.

14. Choose the appropriate hair color and haircut

There is a misconception that with age, a short haircut is more suitable for a woman. In fact, long hair distracts attention from the neck area, which first gives the woman's age. A long hairstyle is also suitable if you have a double chin.
However, you should not attract additional attention to the cardinal changes familiar to others hairstyles. If you have never grown your hair, do not do it now. And if your hairstyle was long, but your hair is so weakened and thinned that it becomes noticeable, it is better to choose a suitable short haircut.
Bangs help hide forehead wrinkles.
Gray hair attracts attention and gives age. Not working in the best way and coloring in excessively dark colors. Black hair visually highlights facial features, emphasizing wrinkles. Make it a rule to never dye your hair darker than your natural color.

15. Choose the right fragrance

Pick up quality perfumes with light fruity, citrus or herbal tones.
Refuse sweet and spicy aromas.
Learn to use perfumes correctly, an excessively strong and persistent smell will give a sign to others that your sense of smell is weakened. It is enough to apply 1-2 drops of perfume on the neck under the ears.
The fragrance should not cause discomfort, choose it carefully and without haste. Do not trust the samplers. Put a drop of your favorite perfume on your wrist and wait 5-10 minutes. If, after interacting with the skin, the smell continues to please, there is reason to opt for it.

16. Find your style of dress

The division into youth and adult fashion is rather arbitrary. French women in adulthood are not afraid to wear short skirts, jeans and t-shirts. Of course, the condition of your skin, physique, psychological attitude plays an important role in this. You can look great in a short skirt, but if you are shy about your age, others will feel it. Excessive confidence that everything suits you and years is not a hindrance can make you an object of hidden ridicule.
If you like youth fashion, do not copy its trends one to one. Drop everything unnecessarily bright, catchy, transparent. Opt for those items that will help to present you favorably to others and in which you feel comfortable.
Some women with age begin to gravitate to voluminous hoodies, shapeless dresses that hide the figure and long skirts in the style of “goodbye youth”. This is the fastest way to turn into grandmothers.
When choosing a wardrobe, do not avoid fashionable clothes, but be sure to consider the features of your physique. Your style must emphasize the merits and help hide age.
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle

17. Observe sleep hygiene

Follow the rules recommended by experts: go to bed no later than 24 hours, sleep at least 8 hours. A number of medical studies have shown that stem cells that repair and restore the body work precisely during nighttime sleep. It has also been proven that the peak in the production of the "hormone of youth" - melatonin, occurs between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. This hormone regulates the endocrine system and the skin condition depends on it.

18. Consider the effects of nature and climate

If you live in climatic conditions characterized by strong winds, sudden changes in temperature and humidity, then your skin experiences constant physical stress, which leads to its accelerated aging.
Unfortunately, you have no choice but to change your place of residence, it makes no sense to fight with nature. It is also not recommended to spend a long vacation in those places that differ sharply in climatic conditions from the usual for you.
Try to be more often in the countryside outside the city, and if this is not possible, then visit the forest park zone at the place of residence.
Ideally, at least once a year for several days to go to distant relatives, “accidentally” forgetting a mobile phone at home. The farther from civilization they live, the better. In such a situation, a person quickly adjusts the “internal clock”, which improves well-being and has a beneficial effect on appearance.
The rule that you must adhere to always and in any conditions is to spend at least 30 minutes daily in the fresh air in a calm environment.

19. Get rid of the craving for smoking

Nicotine lovers pay for their cravings for accelerated skin aging. Substances contained in tobacco smoke disrupt blood circulation, contributing to the breakdown of collagen.
Even the effect of cosmetic procedures lasts much less for smokers than non-smokers.

20. Do not give up sex

It is foolish in our time to consider sex the destiny of youth. Intimate life has a beneficial effect on health, enhancing blood circulation, improving nutrition and oxygenation of the skin, strengthening blood vessels.
American sexologists believe that regular sex life by eight years reduces the biological age of a mature woman.

21. Drive as much as possible

The movement prolongs youth - this is an indisputable fact. Choose a type of physical activity that will be of interest to you and will easily fit into the lifestyle. It can be dancing classes, swimming, jogging in the morning, skating, skiing, roller skating - anything you like, if only these classes become regular and give you pleasure.

22. Watch your posture

No effort will help to look younger if you stoop and keep your shoulders down. Constantly remind yourself of the need to raise your chest and straighten your shoulders until it becomes your habit.

Psychological advice

23. Avoid stressful situations, tune in to positive

Constant stress is one of the main causes of early aging. Under its influence, collagen production is disrupted, which leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. The production of melanin, on the contrary, is increasing, and this contributes to the appearance of age spots. Immunity is weakening - this leads to an exacerbation of diseases, including skin ones.
Try to be philosophical about life: don’t take to your heart that which is already impossible to change. Instead, direct your energy out of the situation with minimal negative consequences.
Tune in to positive emotions, enjoy life, appreciate the beauty around you: in the surrounding nature, in children's laughter, in good deeds.
In any person, no matter how unpleasant you are, you can always find something good; events that occur around you are not necessarily directed against you. Believe in simple wisdom: "Everything that is done is done for the better."
Optimism, a mood for youth, energy - will certainly affect your appearance.

24. Work on the look

A look can tell a lot about age. Wise, sad eyes filled with “universal grief” are more likely to add you 5-10 years, even if in everything else you look great.
Of course, in adulthood it is difficult to radiate carelessness, naivety and spontaneity. But if you want to look younger, you have to work on your gaze.
Train at home in front of the mirror. Remember the pleasant moments in life, a funny story and watch the changes in the look. When out of sadness he becomes mischievous, sparkling, when his eyes begin to “smile,” remember this attitude and the memory that caused the change.
Subsequently, repeat this exercise several times to learn how to control your eyes in the right situation.

25. Always strive for a new

Do not let gray days drag yourself into a swamp of routine. Nourish yourself with fresh emotions, new experiences that you will want to share with others. There are so many interesting things in the world that you have not yet experienced and have not tried: trekking in the mountains, skydiving, scuba diving, kayaking on a mountain river, horseback riding, exploring caves and so on.
If extreme sports are not for you, visit theaters and exhibition halls, try exotic cuisine, go hiking in nature, start composing poems or master photography.
A life full of impressions and emotions will not let you stagnate within the framework of your age, and seeing your excitement and dedication, none of those around you will believe that your passport is already far beyond ...

how to make your hands look younger

Female hands can tell a lot about their mistress, but the main thing is to betray her age treacherously. However, this can be avoided by properly caring for them. this brings the question of How to make my hands look younger

You can tell a woman a lot about her hands: what she does, how old she is, how carefully she treats herself. And if we do a lot of manipulations with the face to hide age, then we often forget about the hands, and in fact, they age even faster than the face.
To keep your skin looking young for as long as possible, follow a few simple rules.

Rule 1. Wash your hands properly

Any care begins with a full cleansing, so you need to wash your hands, and not just, but in compliance with several nuances:
  • Give preference to a soap with a moisturizing effect, which will include oils: olive, coconut or jojoba, aloe vera.
  • Water should be warm, not cold and not hot, this is necessary to preserve the lipid layer of the skin.
  • Wipe your hands gently, blotting, and not rubbing your skin, with paper or cloth towels, it is better to refuse electric dryers altogether.

Rule 2. Wear gloves

Take care of your pens and buy gloves for all occasions in order to minimize any harm that may be caused to them:
  • You will need rubber gloves for homework and cleaning;
  • Warm (woolen, fleece , etc. ) and leather for the cold season;
  • Cloth useful for gardening.

Rule 3. Regularly moisturize the skin.

A good cream should be applied as needed, but at least twice a day. If you feel that the skin is dry, then smear the cream after each hand wash. Get a cream with a high content of moisturizing ingredients or a high oil content.
There is an effective tool that really works: smear your hands with the fattest cream and put on thin fabric gloves, and also warm ones on top, and so sleep through the night. In the morning you will not recognize your hands, they will be so soft and gentle.
You can also drink a course of vitamin E, and buy a humidifier during the heating season.

Rule 4. Take care of nutrition and exfoliation.

Full-fledged care is unthinkable without exfoliation and high-quality nutrition, so once a week pamper your hands with a soft scrub and useful masks.
You can apply masks both purchased and home-made from improvised means, for example, this: mix 1 yolk, half an avocado and 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Hold such a mask on your hands for a quarter of an hour. Then wash your hands with warm water and brush with your favorite cream.
Take note of homemade scrub recipes: it can be a spoonful of sugar with olive oil, and coffee grounds. Apply the scrub with massage movements, working through each finger. In addition to exfoliating action, these mixtures perfectly moisturize and slightly whiten the skin.

Rule 5. Use sunscreen

Do not forget about sunscreen - it should be applied as soon as you begin to go out without gloves. This will save your hands from hyperpigmentation and from drying out. If the spots nevertheless act treacherously, use bleaching cosmetics.
At home, you can also prepare a life-saving mask and do it every other day: for this, mix milk and lemon juice for 1 tbsp. and add a teaspoon of honey. As usual, the mask is kept for 20 minutes and washed off with warm water.



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