How to look younger then your age

How to look 10 years younger then your age
Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also an indicator of age. Moreover, if they look young and beautiful, then you will seem much younger and more attractive. How to achieve this, says plastic, maxillofacial and laser surgeon Amjad Al-Youssef
how to look younger than your age
The dream of every woman is to look younger by 10 years. And this is quite feasible. And for this purpose it is enough to concentrate to start on one part of the face - eyes. And the results will delight you. By the way, there are various methods of how to make the eyes more youthful - from very simple to radical ones. You need to choose according to your age, skin condition, general level of health and financial capabilities.

The first way is to get enough sleep
At first glance, the advice is simple, however, it is one of the most effective. Scientists have proven long ago, 7-8 hours in the embrace of Morpheus, and you will look much younger than your peers who do not sleep much.

Not receiving proper rest, the skin cannot fully recover, which is manifested in early wrinkles, loss of elasticity, bruises under the eyes. Moreover, it is important not only the amount of sleep, but also its time. In bed you need to be from 23 h to 4 am, when the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the recovery processes, reaches the highest concentration. It is necessary to sleep in complete darkness or, if there is no such possibility, with a mask on the face. It is also very useful to humidify the air. For this, in the warmer months, you can open the window, and in the cold - use a humidifier.
sleep to look younger
In addition, pay attention to the selection of mattress, pillows and posture for sleeping. For example, it is quite dangerous to use too high a pillow. When the head is strongly raised, oxygen and nutrients start to flow to it badly. This may also cause bags under the eyes.

Method two - masks for skin around the eyes
On the skin around the eyes there are no sebaceous glands, and the amount of collagen and elastin is reduced. Therefore, it is usually distinguished by dryness, sensitivity, a tendency to allergic reactions. And yet, the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the skin and contains 3-5 rows of epidermal cells compared to 7-10 rows of cells in other areas of the face. That is why the skin around the eyes must be especially careful to ensure that wrinkles do not appear prematurely there. Use special creams, regularly make masks (like a cosmetologist, and at home).

Method three - special exercises for the face and eyes
There are special exercises aimed at “opening”, enlarging the eyes, reducing the swelling of the eyelids and the bags above and below the eyes. You can do them at home. The main thing - the regularity and accuracy of performance. Most of us have neuromuscular clamps. With the help of exercises we can remove them, stretch the muscles and return them to the original length. Due to this, not only the area around the eyes and the face will be smoothed out, but headaches will also go away, the state of the spine will improve, and the posture will be normalized. This method is based on osteopathic principles. Also, this method will allow to lengthen the neck, to form a young angle of the jaw, to recreate the shape of the chin.

Method Four - Beauty Injections
Remove small wrinkles around the eyes, improve the appearance of the eyelids - with this task, girls often turn to cosmetologists. And rightly so. Now in their arsenal a lot of effective tools. The most commonly used injections are Botox and guiluaronic acid. Also actively used fillers and mesotherapy. The result is usually very good, but it does not last too long, usually around six months.

Method Five - complete examination and resolution of health problems
Bags around the eyes and wrinkles in this area are not always just an aesthetic problem. Sometimes it is an indicator of violations in the body. That is why, before using any radical measures in the struggle for beauty, it is necessary to cure serious diseases.

Be sure to check the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys. In addition, all women over 40 need to be examined by an endocrinologist and a gynecologist, to check hormones and, if necessary, to receive appropriate therapy.

Method Six - Blepharoplasty
This is an operation that is performed to get rid of sagging eyelids and bags under the eyes. It is these defects that make the face tired and add age.

The main indications are sagging upper eyelid, deep wrinkles in the lower eyelid, excess skin in the lower eyelids, the formation of a large number of wrinkles in the lower eyelid, eye bags, drooping of the eye corners, eyelid defects, deterioration of vision due to a strong sagging of the eyelids.
Blepharoplasty review
The operation does not last long - from 30 to 90 minutes. General anesthesia is usually not required. Local anesthesia is most often used in combination with sedatives. The operation can be performed traditionally with a scalpel or with a laser, which is less traumatic.

Rehabilitation after blepharoplasty lasts about 10-12 days. At this time, it is recommended to eliminate physical exertion, the use of decorative cosmetics and the wearing of contact lenses, and it is better to go outside in sunglasses.

In general, this is a simple and inexpensive operation that can significantly improve your appearance.



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