how to care for face and body in the heat

survive the summer: how to care for face and body in the heat
best summer skin care
In our country, almost throughout the entire territory of which cold stand for eight months, the onset of summer is equal to a holiday. It is for the summer season that we prepare the figure, update the wardrobe and plan a vacation. But enjoying the long-awaited vacation, do not forget that you need to follow a number of important rules, so as not to harm the beauty and health. How to properly prepare for the warm season, and that certainly should be in your urban and vacation beautician - study the question.

For a start, it is important to remind everyone and everyone the basic rule of summer beauty manipulations: protection, protection and again protection. The main cosmetics with the onset of the solar period, when the UV index is overstepping the “2” mark, becomes an agent with an SPF factor. However, if there is an opportunity, it is better to give up sunbathing completely. According to the latest scientists, radiation is an unambiguous carcinogenic factor that can “wake up” a cell mutation years later (!) After a single (!!) unsuccessful tan. If you are proud that you are with the sun, do not be in a hurry to rejoice. You can never "burn out" in your life, but at the same time acquire early wrinkles. The effect of photoaging is directly related to the activity of the UV light, because it is a trigger for free radicals. And they are known to be the main culprits of age problems. So, how to be one who has already planned vacation under the scorching resort rays, and are those of us who will spend the summer in the city safe? We understand in order.

Orientation - South

It would be possible to devote a separate room to collecting cosmetic arsenal in trips, but we will try to be shorter. So, beauty protection during the holidays - what is it? First of all, working on all fronts and directions: in addition to the skin of the face, you need to think about the body and, of course, hair.

Let's start with the main thing. In each reference cosmetic bag of a vacationer, there must be a universal moisturizer with antioxidants - it will fight the effects of exposure to the sun, stopping the chains of free radicals and inhibiting the destructive processes of cell aging. We are looking for jars of vitamins E and C, resveratrol (red grape extracts to help) and alpha lipoic acid (avocado and green extracts). If you can choose a product with beta-glucan, you will save the skin from redness, the ingredient is ideal for sensitive skin. Tannins, also wonderful antioxidants, have additional antibacterial properties. The most famous source of tannins is green tea and witch hazel. Finally, the well-known co enzyme Q10 is a time-tested antioxidant, capable of boosting the production of natural collagen after severe stress (this is tanning skin). Important: whatever your basic moisturizer, its summer version must have a protection factor of twenty and above. If this is not the case, you need to apply sunscreen cosmetics over day care.
summer moisturizer
Choosing cleansing, give up hard and acid formulas, because the sun and so will be enough to influence the epidermis. Your task is to calm and saturate the skin. Gentle skins, delicate hydrophilic oils, micellar water and milk are excellent formats for summer care.

Find a place for special products, especially since serums are usually sold in miniature packages, and hydrogel or fabric masks take up almost no space. We focus on hydration and sedation, because snail mucin, aloe vera gel, urea, hyaluronic acid, all kinds of base oils (apricot, coconut and olive will not clog pores), squalane and ceramides are used.

For those whose skin overreacts to the effects of the environment (usually the owners of such epidermis know what atopic dermatitis is and its manifestations), emollients will be ideal satellites during the holidays. But be careful: they can cause the appearance of closed comedones, if this has a tendency.

If we talk about the protection of the skin of the body, here all the above is applicable, but there are some nuances. Do not get carried away with oils in the open sun: of course, the oiled bends of the figure will look amazing, but there is an almost 100% chance to get an equally stunning burn. Do not be lazy every time after getting out of the water, be it a pool, river or ocean, rinse under a shower and reapply all your UV protection.

After tanning gel and any nourishing mousse, lotion or body milk are also included in the mandatory program.

Subtle moment
Protecting the face and body is considered a necessary minimum, while many simply forget about hair, lips, ears and other “details”. And in the end, we have a wonderful post-holiday picture: instead of lush curls - dried straw, weathered lips and burnt ear shells ... To avoid this, make an inventory of cosmetic bags and add the following items to your suitcase - and indeed to the bathroom shelf.
hair protection in summer
hair also needs special care and protection
Sunscreen hair spray. Yes, imagine, the rays can have a destructive effect not only on the epidermis, but also on the hair cuticle. However, the cuticle itself is a dead matter, therefore it will not suffer much, but the color of your hair after the release without a roof will change for sure. Modern products are light, do not glue and do not weigh down strands, do not require daily rinsing. Pshik - and ready.

Shampoo and hair conditioner, "visited" the sea. The effect of salt on the scalp will dry it almost instantly. The result may be loss, dandruff, itching, loss of gloss and elasticity of the curls. To avoid this, purchase special tools to affect not only the hair cuticle, but also on the skin itself. The most scrupulous can be advised to use peeling for the head - an excellent tool not only for special care, but also for relaxation (massage with large scrubbing particles works wonders).

Stick with high SPF factor (50+), which is convenient to carry in a bag and constantly update the barrier layer on the lips, ears, periorbital zone and between the toes and hands. According to statistics, these places are the most vulnerable and defenseless against aggressive ultraviolet. There are two reasons: the first and most obvious is the tenderness of the epidermis in these places, the second is trivial - few people remember them when it comes to protection from radiation. The conclusion is simple: everyone should have a universal stick or ordinary hygienic lipstick with SPF!
In the rhythm of the big city
It is a mistake to believe that if you are not planning a voyage, you do not need an update on the shelf in the bathroom. The fact remains: it is possible to “burn out” not only in the office, but also on the way to work, as well as on the open veranda during the lunch break. The number of sun strokes and burns received by residents of the metropolis remains steadily high, which is very surprising. Again: when the weather information sites say that the UV index has risen to two points, it's time to start using cosmetics with a protective factor. Of course, for central Russia there will be enough SPF 15 and 20, “embedded” in the basic formula of your bb-cream. Just make sure that this factor was, and do not forget about the neck and decollete, which also need protection.

Summer in the city is not a reason to constantly drench with thermal water. This is a wonderful invention of mankind, which is able to restore the skin's radiance and saturate it with moisture , but it’s not a good idea to use the thermo under the scorching rays of the sun, smog and chad, after all the burn ends (small water drops work on your face like lenses, multiplying destructive effect of radiation) and inflammations (fine dust of megacities perfectly settles on a wet face). The correct way to use thermal water is: put, breathed, breathed, soaked.

Finally, in the resort and in his hometown, it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness and moisture level of the epidermis, cancel all acidic products, bleaching agents and generally try to touch the face less - literally and figuratively. All update and invasive manipulations set aside until a cloudy cool autumn. Minimize nutritional foods that can clog pores. Exclude pure oils from leaving (except hair oils, they just will be very useful). In the meantime, fully armed and with an arsenal of moisturizing protection for all parts of the body, we are heading forward to meet the summer!



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